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Miriam Gonzalez on From Somewhere

June 16, 2010

Miriam Gonzalez, the wife of the Liberal Democrat party leader and recently elected deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, was spotted wearing From Somewhere alongside her husband through out the UK elections. An international lawyer by trade, Miriam has been at the centre of attention for her style choices, and she kindly agreed to tell us a few words on her recent interest for ethical and sustainable fashion.

How long have you be interested in wearing/supporting ethical and sustainable fashion?

I became aware of the importance of Ethical Fashion only relatively recently, but I was completely taken away by the strength and merits of this cause.

Where did you hear about From Somewhere?

I first read about it when Livia Firth wore an ethical fashion dress at the Oscars’ ceremony this year.  I enquired about it and soon realised there was a wonderful and inspiring team of people working tirelessly on this. I frankly felt ashamed I was not more aware of the incredible amount of waste behind fashion.

As an international Trade Lawyer, could you give us a few suggestions on how you think the fashion industry could improve in regards to sustainability and ethics?

Working on favourable tariffs and customs rates at a world wide level could be make a huge difference to the long term viability of ethical fashion.

What fashion tips would you give to our readers?

I just try to follow the rule that you should never wear anything that does not make you feel like yourself.

Why did you choose to wear ‘From Somewhere’ to the elections in May?  And how did it make you feel?

If what I wear at some occasions is analysed in minute detail I like using that interest in favour of a good cause.
The dress was not just ethical but gorgeous too. It has a really flattering and ‘feminine’ cut. And Orsola’s eye for colours makes you feel instantly happy. Feeling fab and ethically responsible, who can offer more??