From Somewhere, recycling since 1997, is a creative sustainable fashion label run by Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci.

All womenswear collections are made with luxury designer pre-consumer waste – such as proofs, swatches, production off-cuts and end of rolls – up-cycling high-end fashion and textile surplus into beautiful clothes that take into account the balance between consumption and disposal.

Reproducible in large numbers while still retaining elements of the unique, each piece is individually cut from high quality reclaimed fabrics including knitwear, cashmere, cotton shirting, silks, jerseys, tweeds and wovens.
The operating principle behind the label is simple: what happens to the fashion’s industry’s production surplus and leftovers at the end of each season?

Although high volume textile recycling is fairly common, with textile waste and used garments being industrially re-pulped to make yarn, or mattress filling, or car insulation, the processes for this type of recycling are heavily polluting, and a high percentage of surplus is still going in land-fills or incinerators, a product of the world’s most frivolous trade, and one of the most environmentally unfriendly.

In an industry which is increasingly over- producing, very little is being done to highlight how much is discarded at source, and yet what is being thrown is often intact, still beautiful, useable, adaptable, if thought of in a different way.
From Somewhere re-thinks the fashion industry’s rubbish, reclaiming and up-cycling as a design solution to an environmental problem.

Orsola de Castro and Filippo ricci are also founders and curators of estethica, the British fashion council much acclaimed ethical fashion area at the heart of the Exhibition at London Fashion Week.



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